Whipping up a storm

Dearly beloved, the text for our homily today is taken from the Gospel according to the Blessed Michael Mann;

Climate change is present in every single meteorological event

As a prime example of pseudo-religious claptrap this takes some beating. Indeed it may stand unchallenged for at least a week, until the next ex cathedra pronouncement by one of the Great Delusionists who head the Cult of Global Warming.

Let’s put this in a bit of context, shall we?

Following on from last week’s monster tornadoes, a site calling itself Think Progress (sic) on a page called The Wonk Room (sic) — honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up — is running an article headed “Top Climate Scientist On Monster Tornadoes: ‘It Is Irresponsible Not To Mention Climate Change’.

The article starts off reasonably enough:

Throughout human history, the climate system has been a source of life and death, the sun and rain capable of feeding our crops and bringing us comfort, or unleashing terrible devastation in wind, fire, drought, storm, and flood. Each tragedy that occurs … reminds us of that awesome power, which is beyond our control and at the limits of our comprehension.

So far so what’s to disagree with?

But things then go rapidly downhill …

We have also learned that humanity is meddling with that power, primarily through the burning of coal and oil that increases the amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere and oceans.

Reference is made to “greenhouse pollution” and Dr Kevin Trenberth — he of  ‘we should reverse the null hypothesis’  fame — provides the headline quote and then goes on to string together a collection of buzz words like “wind shear”, “instability in the atmosphere”, “increase the buoyancy of the air” which might lead you to think that he is saying that these tornadoes were in fact caused by global warming.

Read the whole thing here  and realise that he is not actually saying anything of the sort though he gives an excellent impression of someone who is trying to make you think he is.

The Mann quote that follows, on the other hand, is quite unequivocal, and needs close examination since it goes a long way to explaining the pseudo-religious, or cult-like, mystique which has been assiduously drawn around all things climate.

One of the basic principles in Christian theology is the presence of God “in” everything. Since God is spirit and the material world is not, the idea of a physical presence makes no sense. It is probably more correct to say that everything physical is imbued (fill, permeate, inspire according to my dictionary) with God’s presence which, since he is the Creator of everything is hardly surprising. (I apologise to those who do not accept the existence of the Deity but since we are discussing something that is behaving like a religion you’ll just have to put up with it!)

Christians would also argue that God manifests himself through his creation. Again since he created it it is hardly surprising that it reflects him to a greater or lesser extent.

If we re-work Mann’s quote, therefore, we can reasonably end up with either

God is present in every single … [thing that is or that happens]


Climate change manifests itself in every single meteorological event.

So Mann is, in effect, making a theological statement. The Church of Climate Change teaches that every drop of rain, every change in temperature, every snowflake, every tornado, every breath of wind, is proof of climate change

Shub Niggurath, commenting on Bishop Hill here , asks:

If it is present in everything, how can it cause any one particular thing then? What about “meteorological nonevents” then?

Is a bit of nice warm weather also “imbued” with climate change? Or are we to assume, as many people do, that (as Roger Pielke Jr says) “Weather is not climate unless people die”? And similarly climate is only weather if it isn’t something that is itself catastrophic or can be made to appear catastrophic or is likely to lead to catastrophe in some form.

The Global Warming “community” demonstrates all the attributes of a religious cult. It has a small coterie of Elect who dictate the beliefs and behaviour of the faithful. It has its own Holy Writ in the form of various “peer-reviewed” scientific papers which may only be challenged at severe risk to the challenger. These biblical texts may as well have been handed down from God since the theory underpinning them is not to be revealed to the great unwashed.

It has its own on-line place of worship  where the faithful are allowed to wallow in their adoration of the Elect and others may, if they behave themselves, make suitable adoring noises. Any point of view which seeks to question the authority of the Elect is met with vituperation and the accusation that the questioner is either ignorant, not a scientist, or a shill for one of the Cult’s Satan-substitutes usually Big Oil or Fossil Fuel.

We have now learned, thanks to the Blessed Michael, that there is also a theological underpinning to the Cult, namely the belief that Climate change is present in every single meteorological event


PS  Researching this piece, I paid a visit to their on-line church, an experience not to be encouraged for those with high blood pressure or a tendency to ulcers. However, I did come across one small gem as one of the commenters attempted to put a “contrarian” in his place by accusing him of ‘cherry-picking’ by using data from 1910-2010 rather than “the actual AGW influenced period from 1979-2010”.

I’m really not sure where to start with this.

A longer period is ‘cherry-picking’ while a shorter period that, the poster admits, shows the AGW influence better is not?

The fact that the bulk of 20th century warming occurred during the 1910-1940 warming before the AGW influence became apparent appears to have escaped him.

If I were High Priest I’d have this guy off for re-education sharpish!

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