We’re all doomed

In todays Daily Telegraph, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson has an opinion piece under the title Ignore the prophets of doom – this is a golden age for the world. (Link here ).
I’ll leave you to read it for yourselves but the key points he makes are:
– The target of halving the proportion of the world’s population living on less than $1 a day by 2015 (set in 2000) was actually reached in 2008 — This staggering achievement, he says, received no fanfare, perhaps because the miracle had not been created by Western governments but by the economic progress of China and India.
– Life expectancy continues to rise; malaria deaths peaked in 2004 and Aids deaths three years later. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading authority on the disease, said last month that there could be an “Aids-free generation” in the reasonable future. “We have no excuse, scientifically, to say we cannot do it.”
– While the world population continues to increase, the world’s fossil fuel consumption is actually falling due to greater efficiency in transport and manufacuring systems.
– The raw data in the UK government’s own climate change risk assessment claims that there will be 11,000 fewer deaths per year by 2050 as fewer elderly will die of cold. But, he says, “do not expect to find this point made in any official report. The Environment Department is there not to give impartial advice, but to scare us.”
Not surprisingly, within 12 hours of the article hitting the DT website it carried well over 200 comments, virtually all of them either off-topic, violently disagreeing with either what Nelson said or more often what they thought he said or would have liked him to have said or assumed he had said because that’s the sort of things that these stupid poncey journalists say, innit, or just simply refusing to believe what he said because “everybody knows” that the world is going to hell in a handcart due to the machinations of the EU/the ‘banksters/global capitalism/the LibLabCon politicians/the Coalition/the last Labour government/the last Tory government/Nick Clegg/David Cameron/UKIP/not voting UKIP/the UN/global warming/Aunt Ethel’s wooden leg … insert fantasy of choice here!
The irony, of course, is that if the world is indeed going to hell in a handcart, it is less to do with the usual suspects listed above than with the idiots who cannot see beyond the end of their boring little prejudices.
What Nelson goes on to say is that change happens because people want it to, a point reinforced by the Queen two years ago in an address to the UN. And considering that she had at that time been for the best part of six decades at least the titular head — and a very active and involved one at that — of what was at her accession still one of the most influential nations in the world and even now punches well above its weight, one would imagine that her views might be worth listening to.
The lesson is one that China and India have certainly learned and that the moaners in the UK patently have forgotten.
“Change and decay in all around I see”, wrote Henry Francis Lyte in his hymn Abide With Me, but he was taking the realistic (to him) view of comparing this temporal and therefore corruptible world with the eternal perfection of the next.
“It’s all gone rotten and there’s nothing we can do about because it’s ‘their’ fault” is the secular version. So please stop telling us that things have got better because our small minds and even smaller attention spans cannot handle it. And anyway it’s up to you to sort it. Not my problem, mate. Stands to reason, dunnit?

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