Pray for Paris

ON THE EVENING of November 13, France were playing Germany in a soccer friendly at the Stade de France, a large number of people were enjoying a rock concert at the Théatre Bataclan, and in several other venues across central Paris, locals and visitors were doing what they would normally do on a Friday evening.

In the middle of this calm, law abiding scenario Paris suddenly discovered it was entertaining a group of murderous fanatics intent on killing as many people as possible in the name of a belief which brooks no discussion, no debate, no variation from the brutal creed which it espouses and which demands the death of ordinary people as some sort of retribution for the refusal of those same ordinary people to accede to their demands.

There is something ironic in the cry of “God is good” which precedes the finger on the trigger of a Kalshnikov or the pin of a grenade. God is indeed good, as many billions of people believe and have believed over the centuries but that goodness has demanded a respect by man for his fellow man and only a vanishingly small minority of humanity believe that their actons in Paris will lead to Paradise and 72 virgins (or is it raisins?) rather than to a very quick introduction to the torments of hell.

There is something equally ironic, and almost laughable, in the reported cries of “This is for Syria”.  Which bit of Syria are we talking about here? Are you for Assad? For ISIL? For the Kurds? For one of the numerous “opposition” splinter groups that abound? Did you even know? And since it is even money (based on eyewitness accounts) that you were French-born and therefore probably a descendant of immigrants from the Maghreb, did you even know where Syria is?

Meanwhile there are close to 130 dead (at the latest count) who were given no option but to die in someone else’s cause. Maybe some of them were sympathisers with whatever cause the killers believed they were furthering but the killers themselves may not have known what that cause was and enlisting any of the victims was not in the script anyway. And any who might have been sympathisers had no business to be out enjoying themselves at rock concerts or cafés anyway, right?

And the end result? Who knows?

In a fortnight’s time, Paris will play host to a different group of murderous fanatics (40,000 of them if they all turn up) equally intent on killing people, though slightly more subtly, in the name of a belief which brooks no discussion, no debate, no variation from the brutal creed which it espouses and which demands the death of ordinary people as some sort of retribution for the refusal of those same ordinary people to accede to their demands.

The Global Warming jihadis are coming to town!

The Conference of the Parties (which Willis Eschenbach on the WUWT website once re-christened the ‘Conference of the Partygoers) is the 21st jamboree by the far from Great and anything but Good fanatics of the War on Mankind who continue their determination, in the face of no evidence, to deprive the civilised world of the energy that has made it civilised and the “uncivilised” (for want of a better word) world of that same energy that might allow it to emerge from its current impoverished situation into the sunlit uplands that the rest of us enjoy.

These fanatics have no need of Kalashnikovs or hand grenades but their chosen weapon of unreliable, needlessly expensive energy is in the long run just as lethal and the death toll will be many times greater if they get their way.

The resemblance between these two groups is uncanny. Both rely heavily on absolute fidelity to a belief system with even the slightest depature from the faith bringing swift retribution. The foot soldiers, better described in Lenin’s phrase as “useful idiots”, can be relied on to parrot the core of the belief system while in one case shooting and bombing unbelievers and in the other using any means at their disposal to hamper the infrastructure on which civilisation depends.

Both believe that, minute minority though they may be, they are absolutely right; that anyone who disagrees with them is not only mistaken but sinfully so; that they are empowered by their self-righteousness to dictate to the rest of how we must act, how we must speak, how we must think, all on pain of an immediate death by firing squad or a lingering death by cold, starvation or disease.

Where they part company is in the belief that by murdering unbelievers and dying for their cause they will themselves receive an eternal reward. Islamists think that way; Climateers have no intention of doing anything as self-sacrificing as blowing themselves up though some of the extreme (or desperate?) fanatics take the view that anyone who disagrees with them ought to be at the very least imprisoned. Which makes the Islamists the more honest, when you think about it.

In the long run the Muslim jihadis can probably be dealt with. Even though their professed desire is for a caliphate which will ultimately embrace the whole world, politics, bribery, alliances, threats and the use of targeted assassinations as well as changing attitudes among a new generation can be effective if the will is there.

Whether the climate fanatics will be as easily dealt with is another matter. Since neither climate change not global warming are in reality relevant to the ultimate aim, which is de-industrialisation of the West and enforced non-industrialisation elsewhere, they are able continually to frame the argument in terms of what is most conducive to gaining new converts at the time.

So already global warming has become climate change while the threat of melting glaciers has given way to sea-level rise and then to ocean acidification. “Sustainability” was preferred to “biodiversity” and there is, of course, still the outright opposition to anything, such as GM crops or golden rice, that might improve the health and longevity of the poor of the world or the use of nuclear power or shale gas which would go some way to their stated aim of reducing CO2 which only provides further evidence that their real aim is something else.

And all accompanied by the endless mendacity and obfuscation which are characteristic of the eco-luddite or eco-fascist tendency as it seeks to impose its will on the 97% of people in the world who, if left to their own devices, would never give these charlatans the time of day.

It’s very likely true that “global warming is the most serious threat facing the world today”, perhaps even greater than the threat from militant jihadis. Just not in the way the Climateers and their hangers-on would like you to believe.

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